Safale US-05 Ale Yeast - #1 Beer Yeast

Consistency in brew and ease of use make this yeast a winner! Safale US-56, US-05 is a popular strain of yeast that creates the classic American profile of clean malt, crisp taste, low diacetyl, and it has the ability to ferment in a wide range of temps. Because it is directly pitchable, it is quick and easy to use. Your customers will love the convenience of having a dry yeast packet on hand when they need it.
A sample of some happy customer reviews:
“Been using this yeast for over a year in every type of beer I make.”
“Ferments clean and fully. Great yeast. I use it for every beer where I want the malt, hops or other flavors forward.”
“Normally I see activity within 4 hours. Very reliable product.”
*This is marked as directly pitchable yeast and there are no rehydration instructions.
Item # DY26
Weight 0.03LBS
Weight 11.5 G

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