PRO Starter - 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit With Premium Beer Ingredient Kit

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This Brewing Starter Kit includes all the basics need for brewing beer and it comes with the Palmer Premium Beer Kit - Kent’s Hollow Leg - American Wheat --to brew your first batch of beer right away!. This is one of the best selling beer making kits and it also includes several upgrades that you will not get with other kits including Star San, an Adhesive thermometer, a Dial thermometer, Spoon and three reusable grain bags.  This is an amazing value. The whole list of equipment includes:

  • (2) Brewmaster plastic buckets with spigots for fermentation, bottling, and cleaning
  • Bucket lid, stopper, and airlock
  • 24 inch spoon
  • Vinyl tubing for transfers & bottling
  • Bottle filling wand
  • Wing bottle capper & 50 bottle caps
  • (3) 8"x15" re-usable mesh steeping bags for grain and hops
  • Star San sanitizer, 4 fl oz bottle
  • Bottle brush
  • Triple scale hydrometer and sample jar
  • Dial thermometer
  • Adhesive liquid crystal fermentation thermometer
  • Step by step instructions

Beer Kit (Included)


Palmer Premium Beer Kits - Kent’s Hollow Leg - American Wheat
The award-winning recipe from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, prepared and assembled in a ready to brew ingredient kit!
American Wheat has a clean crisp malt character, low esters and a smooth hop character. It is a great beer for quenching your thirst, being not too dry, not too light, and not too heavy. This recipe is one of my personal favorites for a session beer.
This homebrew kit makes 5 gallons. About 52 12 ox beers!
This Kit Includes:
Briess CBW® Dry Malt Extract (DME),  Hops, Fermentis Yeast, Priming Sugar, Brewing Instructions, Recipe Instructions
  • Gravity  (OG) 1.053
  • Bitterness  23 IBUs
  • Color  4 SRM
  • ABV  5.5%
Item # KIT98020
Weight 10LBS
ABV % 5.5
IBU 23
Beer Style Wheat
Ready to Drink Within 2-4 Weeks
Alcohol Content Medium (5-7%)
Bitterness Low (10-25ibu)
Fermentation Temp Range 64-72
Brewing Method Extract
Pre-Milled Y

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