Camp Chef Burner (60,000 BTU)

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Make Brewing your beer even more fun with this heavy duty powerful propane burner to boil your brew outside!  This can hold and boil up to 25 gallons!

Boil up to 25 gallons anytime, anywhere with this portable, propane burner. Included leg extensions raise burner to a height of 22", easily allowing for gravity-fed transfer of liquid from kettle to fermenter. Sturdy design works perfectly with any of our kettles or a converted keg. An included high-pressure regulator allows for great flame control.You will need to supply a barbecue style propane tank. Burner has 60K btu rating. Be aware that for the same exact burner btu ratings will vary drastically from company to company.

Camp Chef recently changed the regulator to 10PSI max causing them to de-rate this burner to 60K BTUs (it used to be rated at 125,000 btu's). We tested one of the new burner and regulator combinations and were able to boil 10 gallons of water from 66F in 35 minutes.

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