PLATINUM Exclusive 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit With KEG KIT & Premium Beer Ingredient Kit

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This Platinum Set Is our most exclusive Brewing Starter Kit includes EVERYTHING you need for brewing perfect beer and a KEG and CO2 Kit so you can KEG your first Batch!! It also includes a new premium 8.5 Brewmaster Gallon Brewing Kettle, A premium 7 gallon Fermonster Fermenter with a spigot for easy transfer, A carboy carrier carrying handle for the fermentor, a bubbler airlock and a Premium Brewmaster 8.5 Gallon Kettle with all the options. This kit also comes with the Palmer Premium Beer Kit - Kent’s Hollow Leg - American Wheat --to brew your first batch of beer right away!. This is one of the best selling beer making kits and also included several upgrades that you will not get with other kits including Star San, an Adhesive thermometer, a Dial thermometer, Spoon and THREE Reusable grain bags. You actually have 2 Fermentors with this KIT so you can brew 2 5 gallon beers at the same time!! That's more than 104 12oz beers! This is an amazing value. The whole list of equipment includes:

  • (2) Brewmaster plastic buckets with spigots for fermentation, bottling, and cleaning
  • Bucket lid, stopper, and airlock
  • 24 inch spoon
  • Vinyl tubing for transfers & bottling
  • Bottle filling wand
  • Wing bottle capper & 50 bottle caps
  • (3) 8"x15" re-usable mesh steeping bags for grain and hops
  • Star San sanitizer, 4 fl oz bottle
  • Bottle brush
  • Triple scale hydrometer and sample jar
  • Dial thermometer
  • Adhesive liquid crystal fermentation thermometer
  • Step by step instructions
  • FerMonster 7 Gallon Carboy Fermetor Vessel with Spigot and S-Shaped airlock.
  • 8.5 Gallon Brewmaster Stainless Steel Brew Kettle
  • FerMonster 7 Gallon Carboy Carrier with Handle
  • FERMENTAP - Wort Chiller - Immersion Chiller
  • Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Keg 5 gallon
  • CO2 Tank - 5 lb Aluminum
  • Dual Gauge Regulator by Taprite (For CO2)
  • Gas line Assembly (for CO2)
  • Beer Line assembly - with handheld faucet


Dual Gauge Regulator by Fermentap - Description-

high quality dual gauge CO2 regulator. Check out these features:

1) Hand adjustable pressure - no wishing you had a screwdriver in your pocket to change pressures.

2) 30 PSI low pressure gauge - A more precise range for dispensing beer at home (as opposed to the standard 60 psi gauge)

3) Built in tank gasket - so you are not stuck making a tank change without a gasket.

4) Built in pressure relief valve - that is set to blow off at 60 psi for safety. Also features a pull ring so you can release excess pressure at any time, a very handy feature.

5) On/Off valve with barb- easily connect line and turn off supply of CO2 for working with keg connections etc. Valve features 1/4" NPT threads if you wish to replace the included barb. 

6) Chrome plated brass - so will not rust.

7) Large CO2 diaphragm - for increased performance and reliability.


CO2 Tank - 5 lb Aluminum - Description:

Aluminum tanks are superior to steel because they do not rust. All tanks are shipped empty. To have tanks filled you will want to visit your local welding supply shop. Because you are purchasing a new tank you can choose to either have it filled or to exchange it for a filled tank at your local gas supplier. If you have this tank filled the local gas supplier is responsible for affixing the correct neck label that identifies the gas being put in the cylinder. 
Tanks should always be stored in an upright position. 
Will dispense approximately 9 five gallon homebrew kegs before needing to be refilled.  
Dimensions: 18" Tall x 5.25" wide. 
     Slimline Torpedo Ball Lock Keg 5 gallon Description

    The Slimline Torpedo Kegs are a new lineup of Stainless Steel Ball Lock kegs.  We've taken the features and solid construction of classic ball lock kegs (High Quality welds, pressure reliefs, ball lock fittings & Corny lid) and added a couple more.  These are the patented torpedo kegs, and their quality will speak for themselves once in your customers hands.  Laser welded 304 SS construction and rolled Stainless Handles guarantee years of trouble free use. 

    These are slim and stackable kegs, any size stacks on any other size.  This means you'll be able to save space in the garage or kegerator, since they can be stacked w/ ball lock fittings attached and serving.

    Slimlines are nearly 10% thinner than our Standard Torpedo Kegs, and are a great option for some tight kegerators.


    • 304 SS Construction
    • High Quality Laser Welded Seams
    • ISO9001 Quality Assurance
    • 130 PSI Max Pressure
    • Rolled SS handles make transport easy
    • Stackable kegs - storage or serving
    • Kegs come boxed individually
    • Kegs are marked with size, material, max pressure, ISO9001, In & out for fittings, & a max pressure warning.
    • Slimline Torpedos are slightly thinner and taller than most kegs, see dimensions below.

    The Fermentap Wort Chiller is unlike any on the market today. The coils have been specially positioned to be at the top of your wort, where the majority of the heat will be. This results in a faster cooling time over chillers with lower coils.

    25' of 3/8'' copper tubing. 8' of vinyl tubing attached to both the in and the out with a female garden hose fitting on the in side. Use our CE20 hose thread adaptor to attach to your sink. Perfect for a kitchen environment where the sink is close by. These Wort Chillers are ideal for our 8 Gallon Heavy Duty Kettles!

    The measurements are: Approx. 10" diameter, 8" to the top coil, 15" to the bend to go over the lip of the kettle.

    California Recipients: See Proposition 65 Information
    Item # WC20
    Weight 5LBS




    This kettle is ideal for shops looking to complete their own homebrew starter kits with an affordable kettle option.  Internal Volume markers, Silicone Handle Grips, and two welded full couplers on this all stainless kettle make it an attractively affordable option.

    A ball valve, nipple, and plug are included for the welded couplers.  A thermometer, false bottom, or kettle screen can be added separately


    • 8.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Brewmaster Brewing Kettle
    • Two Welded 1/2" Full Couplers allow for internal and external attachments
    • Stainless 1/2" Full Port Ball Valve & nipple included for bottom Coupler
    • Stainless 1/2" Plug included for top coupler
    • Stamped Volume Markers
    • Silicone Handle Grips
    • Internal Threading allows for conversion to Mash Tun or addition of whole hop filters
    • Internal Dimensions: 13.75" Tall x 13.75" Ø
    • 1 mm thick walls
    • Made from 201 Stainless Steel


    Item # BE303
    Availability California - 246 In Stock 
    Pennsylvania - Out Of Stock
    Weight 10LBS
    Volume 5-10 Gallons
    Function Boil Kettle
    Notched Lid N

    Perfect size for partial boil extract brewing!


    The Fermonster Plastic Carboy fermenters are made from PET plastic (same as 2L soda bottles) which is far more resistant to oxygen than regular plastic. Plastic PET carboys are safer than glass carboy fermentors. Full carboys can be heavy and hard to maneuver and glass can break resulting in possible injury. Also with a wider 4" mouth, there is easier access for cleaning.


    • Uses a #10 stopper
    • Comes with an O-ring and an air tight lid with a hole for the #10 stopper (Solid lid also available but sold separately)
    • Weighs 1.5 lbs
    • Rated to 140 degrees F
    • Height: 19.25 inches
    • Diameter: 11.25 inches
    • Completely taste and odor free
    • Perfect for Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead, Kombucha or any other fermented beverage!


    Item # FE250
    Weight 2LBS

    Includes ball lock gas-in quick disconnect (barb), 5 ft of 5/16" ID tubing, and two hose clamps.

    An upgraded version of our popular Beer Tubing Assembly. Our new assembly now includes 5 ft of 3/16" Ultra Barrier Silver™ Antimicrobial and PVC Free Beer Tubing, ball lock beverage-out quick disconnect (barb), a hand held faucet and two hose clamps. EJ Beverages' cutting edge Ultra Barrier Silver™ tubing has a number of advantages over regular Vinyl tubing:

    • Antimicrobial - 100% effective against top 4 beverage spoiling bacteria
    • PVC Free and BPA Free - Contains no DEHP, phthalates or other plasticizers
    • Environmentally friendly production = does not emit dioxins
    • Ultra-low permeability
    • Remains flexible at lower temperatures
    • Temperature range of -40 to 125° F

    Beer Kit (Included) Description


    Palmer Premium Beer Kits - Kent’s Hollow Leg - American Wheat
    The award-winning recipe from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, prepared and assembled in a ready to brew ingredient kit!
    American Wheat has a clean crisp malt character, low esters and a smooth hop character. It is a great beer for quenching your thirst, being not too dry, not too light, and not too heavy. This recipe is one of my personal favorites for a session beer.
    This homebrew kit makes 5 gallons. About 52 12 oz beers!
    This Kit Includes:
    Briess CBW® Dry Malt Extract (DME),  Hops, Fermentis Yeast, Priming Sugar, Brewing Instructions, Recipe Instructions
    • Gravity  (OG) 1.053
    • Bitterness  23 IBUs
    • Color  4 SRM
    • ABV  5.5%
    Item # KIT98020
    Weight 10LBS
    ABV % 5.5
    IBU 23
    SRM 4
    Beer Style Wheat
    Ready to Drink Within 2-4 Weeks
    Alcohol Content Medium (5-7%)
    Bitterness Low (10-25ibu)
    Fermentation Temp Range 64-72
    Brewing Method Extract
    Pre-Milled Y

    ALL ITEMS- KIT98020, FE255, BE303, WC20, D1064, D1056, FE502, FE371, KEG428, KEG560, KEG552, BRKIT700,

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